Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour – Manchester

It feels like such a long time ago now, but really it was only last month that I got to see Taylor Swift at her latest tour. I’ve been a fan of Taylor for 10 years now, and since seeing her last at the Red tour, I was absolutely dying to see her again. Taylor puts on such a show, she doesn’t just sing but each song is a performance, she tells it like a story through dance, lighting, and in the case of this tour, through fire and fireworks too. These elements, as well as my love for Taylor as a person, made it something I didn’t want to miss.

I was gutted to be unable to make the date for her 1989 tour, so when the dates were about to be released for this one I thought this was going to be my chance. Then I saw the prices. Despite wanting to see Taylor live so so badly, I really wasn’t sure I could afford it. I was in my third year of University and knew that by the end of the year my bank account would be low. Thinking about the travel costs to London or Manchester from Norwich, together with the accommodation costs of staying somewhere, and the ticket prices (a seat costs somewhere between £80-130) made me panic. Months went by and I didn’t have a ticket to a show. The tour started and I would watch lots of youtube videos and stalk fan pictures on instagram. I was jealous of everyone who went and wanted to live it through their videos and pictures, pretending I was there too.

But one week before I ended up going, I booked it. I decided I wasn’t going to feel miserable and watch everyone else’s videos. I was going to go and I was going to have the time of my life. I was lucky enough to still be able to buy not just seats, but ones that had a brilliant view of the stage. With just a week to go I had done something completely unlike me, I had thought — ‘This is it! I am going to do something for me and it will be amazing’.

And it was! It started with Charlie XCX getting everyone up and dancing, her energy was amazing and her music set everything off brilliantly. Then came Camila Cabello, I love her song Havana so much, and so did everyone else! It was wonderful to be able to not just see Taylor, but to see these support acts who are well known and brilliant, it made the fun last a whole evening rather than just Taylor’s two hours or so.


But when Taylor came on the whole stadium just went mad. Everyone was screaming and I was jumping up and down through the whole thing. The opening song ‘Ready For It’ was explosive, smoke poured out from the stage, fire beamed out and I could feel the heat of it on my face. Even fireworks exploded into the sky! The dancing had this very dystopian feel to it, it was all bad-ass and feisty. ‘Ready For It’ was never one of my favourite songs of the album, but since seeing the tour I get most excited when I hear this song, as it is the one that reminds me most of the tour. It was the opener that had me screaming and jumping and feeling completely out of myself with excitement.

After the opening few songs, she said hello to the crowd, thanking us for being there. She looked right at my side of the stadium, I felt like I was so close I could see her facial expressions. It was still daylight so I knew she could see me, so I just kept on jumping up and down up and down like a maniac so that she could see my enthusiasm and love.


As rest of the show carried on the sun went down and everything got darker. This made it even better because on entering everyone was given a LED wristband that changed colour to each song. I still have it and look at it and it brings back all the memories– it’s a lovely thing to have to remind me of the night.


It was one of the best nights of my life, and if you live in the US she is still touring there, if you are a fan and have not got a ticket yet I really recommend it! I recommend going to any of her tours in the future because she puts so much effort into her shows.

I am so glad that I decided to go in the end– I was so afraid of regretting not doing something purely because of money. I wanted to make one of my dreams come true and do something that I would remember forever, and that certainly happened by going to the Reputation tour.

Don’t let doubts stop you from doing the things you would love to do — go ahead and do it!

Big love,



My First Blog Post

Hello! I’m Amberley Dionne, and this blog will be all about capturing memories, recalling experiences, and chatting about everything that makes me smile. The three main things that I am really excited to explore on this blog are: Lifestyle, Travel, and Books. Expect to see posts on meeting authors and the wisdom that they have passed on through talks, attending concerts, visiting cities in the UK and other countries, and even the odd book/film review!

I don’t want this blog to be closed in any way. After spending two years on my book blog, I decided I wanted a space to write about new, different, and more personal things too. I am really excited about this new blog and can’t wait to start writing posts and putting into action all of the ideas running about in my head!

But first, here are some facts about me as way of introduction:

  1. I am a 21 English Literature graduate who studied at the University of East Anglia
  2. I have absolutely no idea what I want to do with my degree or my future
  3. Some of my favourite authors are the Brontes, Jane Austen, JK Rowling, Cassandra Clare, and Kazuo Ishiguro
  4. In my fantasy world I would love to write scripts for Doctor Who
  5. But despite having done a creative degree, I do not know the first thing about how to write a script
  6. I live on the coast of Cornwall
  7. I drink lots of tea and love tea and once aspired to own a teashop
  8. I dream of travelling to lots and lots of places
  9. I love architecture and Gaudi is one of my heroes
  10. I love finding happiness in all of the little things and unexpected places

So there are a few things about me! Give this blog a follow if you want to see what comes up next on this blog, and thank you so much for your time! I am really excited to see what happens.


Big love,


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